Kayode Ewumi creates new comedy 'Enterprice'


Kayode Ewumi creates new comedy series Enterprice on BBC 3. Kayode Ewumi also stars in it as Kazim the founder of a new delivery business, Speedi Kazz, alongside partner Jeremiah played by Daniel Ezra. The show is quite funny indeed with appearances from UK actors Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Thea Gajic & Michael Dapaah. 


Previously Kayode Ewumi showed us his great ability to create characters through his #HoodDocumentary where he played R.S and we can confirm he has once again done an expert job in creating memorable characters and moments in Enterprice. Kayode does a perfect job playing Kazim, we can tell we will grow to like the character.


All in all the comedy is well thought out, funny as it should be and has a cast full of great talents. Do we recommend you should watch? Most definitely.


FilmDeji Adegboyega